About RealDVD

RealDVD is a 9-year-old business that specializes in the production and manufacturing of high-quality DVD media content.

We started as just a small business ran by DVD aficionados who wanted to deliver quality media to the citizens of the United Kingdom. However, we have since established international distribution channels, not to mention connections with industry giants like MaxDuplication DVD replication services.

Fast forward 9 years and we are now a recognized power player in the DVD industry - one dedicated to providing the very best services.

What All Do We Do?

A better question is: What all do we not do!? We cater to every aspect of the DVD business. First and foremost, we utilize above-par industry equipment to output millions upon millions of DVDs every single year. Furthermore, we only rely on patented precision techniques that ensure the final DVDs are of the utmost quality.

We are especially adept at DVD duplication and replication. These tried and true methods allow us to quickly and effectively clone any DVD. We also specialize in copy protection. The latter lets us wrap your DVD media content with transparent ‘protectors.’ These protectors make it virtually impossible for anyone to duplicate your content.

Another service we offer is autorun. We set up specialized configuration files so that your DVDs immediately trigger something the moment the DVD tray closes. Usually, we program the DVD to display a menu so that your customers can choose how they would like to proceed.

Why Are We Special?

Manufacturing DVDs requires a thorough understanding of everything involved with DVD technology. While yes, anybody can manufacture or clone a DVD, we recommend you choose us regardless because do it professionally. We follow stringent regulations. We use the best technology. And we never screw up!

Also, we conduct all our own DVD production and reproduction. Never do we allow third parties to complete the tasks assigned to us. We roll up our sleeves and get our own hands dirty when making DVDs for our customers, and that’s how we are able to maintain such exceptional quality.

What Does The Future Hold?

We plan to continue building our DVD capabilities for now, though there is no telling what technology might surface this year, next year or next decade. In the meantime, we remain 100% committed to providing you, the consumer, with the very best DVD services and products in the industry, bar none.