Autorun / Autoplay Creation

Do you want your DVDs to automatically launch the moment your customers place them in their DVD drives? Would you especially appreciate it if the particular DVD brings up a fancy, well-designed menu that conveniently lays out all available options? Believe it or not, but such autorun / autoplay DVD capabilities can be had by you via our autorun / autoplay DVD creation service for an affordable, budget-friendly rate.

What Is An Autorun DVD?

An autorun DVD is simply one that automatically starts a program the moment the DVD tray closes. It's a terrific feature for customers who aren't the most computer savvy. You would be amazed at how many people close the DVD tray and then stare at their screen, waiting for something to happen. The last thing you want to do is disappoint this customer.

An autoplay DVD contains certain configuration files that are immediately triggered the moment the try closes. The beauty about this autorun / autoplay feature is that it can be used to start running a bevy of files.

  • You can autorun a webpage.
  • You can autorun a Flash animation.
  • You can autorun a PowerPoint presentation.
  • You can autorun a full-fledged video file.
  • You can autorun basically anything.

We recommend setting up an autorun menu. It serves like a 'home page' for your DVD.

Do I Really Need This?

We highly recommend going with an autoplay DVD. Like we mentioned earlier, many consumers are not as computer savvy as we would like to think. It thus bodes best for you to prepare for this by setting up your DVD in a way that’s simple and intuitive. It makes certain that none of your customers (even the ones who do happen to be savvy) get confused just trying to get your DVD to work.