Copy Protection Service

It makes zero sense to spend so much time and money producing high-quality DVD content, only to turn around and make zero attempts to protect this content. It is for this reason that we provide topnotch DVD copy protection services to our customers. These services are available at budget-friendly rates but offer the protection you need to keep your content safeguarded from thieves.

Our Protection Capabilities

We can protect any DVD or DVD-R media from unwanted and potentially illegal replication or duplication. It’s a simple method that doesn’t cost much or take too much time to complete. The method works like this:

We wrap the media content with a transparent ‘wrapper’ module that only DVD burning software suites can detect. It just so happens that this ‘wrapper’ makes said software see nothing but a completely blank DVD. The ‘wrapper’ thus makes it impossible for the DVD content to be ripped.

Furthermore, third-party tests and studies prove that our DVD copy protection service can withstand all the major ripping software suites, including but not limited to CloneDVD, Roxio Creator, MagicISO, Nero Burning ROM, PowerISO, Easy DVD Copier, MAC The Ripper and more.

Is It Worth It?

We highly recommend taking advantage of copy protection services, especially if you are producing high-quality content. Without protection, you remain at constant risk of having your content ripped. Can you imagine someone getting hold of your content for free? Or worse, suppose someone rips your content and then sells it himself for herself?

The only way to protect yourself from such potential contingencies is by investing in our DVD copy protection service. This service will make it virtually impossible for any malicious person to steal your content. So in our opinion, YES, it is worth it, assuming of course you truly value the content you create!